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Farm Museum “Rohrerhaus”

The Rohrerhaus, dating back to 1288, was once one of the largest farms in the valley. Today, the great farmhouse with its old smokehouse and bread oven provides impressive insight into the simple life of South Tyrolean farmers of the past.

Valdurna/Durnholz lake

The small Valdurna/Durnholz lake at 1,545 metres above sea level is one of the most magical places in Sarntal. Explore the natural idyll on a leisurely hike, extraordinary bike tour, or a romantic ice skating outing in winter.

Monte San Giovanni/Johanneskofel

A mighty rocky spur rises 660m into the air at the gateway to Sarntal. On top stands the lonely and deserted chapel of St Johannes, to which a steep but unforgettably beautiful hiking trail leads.

Reinswald mills

Located at 1,155 metres in the Sarntal Alps, the restored Reinswald mills guide you on a journey into the past. The hike through lush nature is an unforgettable experience for children too.

Reinswald skiing and hiking area

Impressive vantage points, fabulous downhill runs, challenging ascents, rustic Alpine huts, and modern lifts make the Reinswald skiing and hiking area a favourite of those seeking peace and quiet, nature lovers, and sports fans.

St Nicholas Church

A protected architectural monument from the 13th century with an impressive church tower and one of the most important High Gothic fresco cycles in South Tyrol. Fun fact: The frescoes were covered with lime during the plague and were only rediscovered in 1986.

Stoanerne Mandln

A place shrouded in legend, where over a hundred stone figures are lined up close together around the summit cross of the Schöneck peak. What these “Stoanernen Mandln” (stone men) are all about and how they came to be is still uncertain today.


Those who love legends will visit an enchanted lake – those interested in geography, on the other hand, will visit the geographical centre of the province of South Tyrol.

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